Clark Tracks on a Komatsu Harvester

Track Tensioner Tools

Quickie Track Tensioner Tool QTT400
For fast, easy tensioning this tool fits most types of forest tracks. Adjustment is via a 3/4" drive ratchet and 38mm socket onto the end nut (not supplied).

Track Tensioner Tool QTT401
The QTT401 is a specially extended variant of the robust QTT400. The extended fork legs allow the tensioner to be engaged on the inside of the track links. This is beneficial where a QTT400 is not able to be used due to space constraints or where the track plates have been extended (e.g. TXL).

Track Tensioner Tool - QTT402
For single wheel tracks (GSG tracks) the QTT402 features high strength pin to engage the tracks and tension with ease.

Nisula Tensioner Tools
A conventional mid-mounted tensioner.

QTT404 - For Terra85 Tracks
QTT405 - For Terra95 & FX Tracks
QTT406 - For CX and Grouzer Tracks
QTT407 - For TXL Tracks

Hydraulic Tensioner Tool - QTT500
The ultimate tool for fitting your Clark Tracks, our new QTT500 contains a rechargeable battery and hydraulic power to simpify the process. The hydraulics are incredibly powerful, exerting nearly 3t of closing force to enable effortless tensioning.